750 years certified by the city of Mediaş

Since 10 January 2017, the "Mediaş 750 years" logo has made its presence felt at national level by presenting the scale of the project which is considering highlighting, as far as possible, the traditions, symbols, visual elements and the The locality of Mediaş. For democracy to continue on these lands, the logo was secretly chosen by the locals who, in turn, expressed their wish for a particular visual concept. Thus, in the next period the logo can be retrieved on all promotional materials such as t-shirts, mugs, mape, pens, caps and other elements that promote the tourist spirit found in the locality.

Well, all these steps are not lovably without a final purpose. Moreover, the date of 3 June coincides with the 750 anniversary of the city of Mediaş, which has been cumulated since the first documentary attestation. Despite the fact that in the area the predominant nationalities are the Romanian, Hungarian and Saxon, the logo has a slogan in English, which is chosen following the democratic vote among the medians. Finally, Variant 1 (the winning one) of the 10 entered in the competition won with 627 votes, while the least favorite was cumulated with only 17 votes.

To mark the time properly, after the 3 June celebration, respectively, on the weekend between 11 and 13 August, the meeting of the Saxons at Mediaş will take place. During the whole period, various social participation events will take place, so that the inhabitants and tourists who will find themselves in the city of Mediaş will be able to enjoy the organisation of an increased number of surprises that are more interesting and Desired by the public.

Additionally, the partners and the municipality joined forces and merged in such a way that, in addition to the highlights outlined above, the city of Mediaş will host a large number of events throughout the year 2017. Through this strategy, the number of tourists is expected to grow exponentially and, looking in a continuous manner, tourism is maintained as a constant element promoted by the locality. The moment is extremely useful to promote the city of Mediaş, given that the project of rehabilitation of the fortification walls was successfully completed, even before the "Mediaş 750" project took shape. From the projections and strategies for the current year, we can appreciate that the year 2017 will be a crossroads for Mediaş and medians!  

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