The Orthodox Cathedral of Mediaş

Located in Mediaş, the Orthodox cathedral is considered to be among the oldest in the entire Sibiu county. If so far the fortification has emerged from the area of interest, today things are completely different. Thus, the Orthodox cathedral is the center of attention for the totality of the constituent elements, namely for its merit of being the host of the relicts of St. John the Baptist, prepared and taken exactly from the Archicunotor Mount Athos.

As a national premiere, this event is found to be the effect of history found over more than 80 years, in the Sin-free service devoted to the Orthodox arhilltop.

To be more precise, the Orthodox Cathedral of Mediaş is the hram of two saints with extremely high significance, namely Archangels Michael and Gabriel. In this agreement, the church was erected during the years 1929 and 1935, which is why it is considered to be one of the oldest fortifications of its kind on the territory of Romania.

The surface of the cathedral is over 500 square meters, thus refinding an important Byzantine style that encompasses it entirely. In addition, the cave paintings, made by the painter Gheorghe Belizarie (the dwarf of origin), and then corrected over the years by a number of other Romanian artists asked to provide a helping hand in the beautification of the church, are exhibited in the interior.

As far as the exterior is concerned, it is as imposing and fabulous as the interior. Also here, you can find and identify a series of extremely striking influences of the Brancovenesc style, without losing yourself in detail. On the other hand, there are also elements that were unable to cope with the flying colors of time, which is why nowadays the roof of the Orthodox cathedral in Mediaş is no longer the original one but, on the other hand, it is replaced.

The Orthodox Cathedral of Mediaş has two imposing towers that can be noticed from an impressive distance. Moreover, they can be seen from anywhere in Mediaş, without but also perhaps. In reality, their height equals that of a four-storey block, but there are no other benchmarks that make them look smaller than they are.

So whenever you consider a visit to Sibiu County, do not forget to pass through Mediaş and, on the other hand, through the Orthodox cathedral in this locality that urges you to pass.

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