Natural Gas Museum

Mediaş is the host city of the natural Gas Museum. More specifically, it is located on the Sibiu Road at number 5, instead of the institution that not very long ago housed the motherhood. During the transitional period, the city hall of Mediaş lost its former building, currently being awarded to SNGN Romgaz SA for a period of up to 49 years. Nowadays, the natural Gas Museum is found in the same building with a series of exhibition pavilions that can be viewed permanently, together with a documentation and refresher center, several medical offices and an open travel agency For people working in the institution. Last but not least, there is also a conference room with a capacity of up to 100 seats.

The Natural Gas Museum is a pretty old fortification with a history of over 100 years. The one who relaid its bases was the entrepreneur of EURAS LLC, following the architectural project outlined by architect Fabini Hermann. In total, the value associated with timber carpentry amounts to 150,000 euros.

For the medians, the Natural Gas Museum is considered a location of tranquility, relaxation and meditation, as the area is very well-furnished and very beautiful, being cared for at the highest standards.

Returning to the natural Gas Museum in Mediaş, in reality it is also called the House of gases. From a declarative point of view, it is unique in our country, and it is also the institution that consistently ensures the conservation of the natural gas sector and the memory of its rather troubaely history. In the vicinity of the museum, there is a very well-tended natural park.

The year of birth of the natural Gas Museum is 2010, at which point Romgaz decided to complete any evidence of preparation and open it to the general public. Today, any tourist or local city of Mediaş can visit anything from forms, badges, inventor patents, equipment, panels, documents, photographs, minerals, rocks, medals and more, which are only a series of elements of those that can Be found in the museum. Additionally, the institution hosts a library full of books with technical topics, scientific works alongside studies, articles, documents, manuscripts, specialty magazines, caliber books and all sorts of CDS and DVDS comprising personalities of Which have carried out their activity in the natural gas sector. To recognise it better, it holds the name "Constantin Ioan Motaş", being divided into different areas of interest.

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