St. Margaret’s Church

Located in Sibiu, Mediaş, the Church of Saint Margaret is an extremely well-known building at the national level. One of the reasons for its vast gratitude is precisely its leaning tower, so it can be extremely easily identified in the series of other constructions. In terms of style, it is predominantly gothic late. Nowadays, the Church of Saint Margaret is considered to be an integral part of the patronage of Saint Margaret of Hungary, on canonized law in the year 1276.

The building appeared for the first time in our country in the year 1488 when it was wanted Gothic style. To increase its defense capacity, it was surrounded by a cannon-shaped wall. In the course of time, unfortunately, one of these towers has tilted, mostly due to the ground at all times safe. In the years that followed, respectively in the year 1550, the Tower of the Church of Saint Margaret developed on 3 levels, reaching a height of up to 68.5 meters.

Much later, in the year 1783, the first reconstructions and restorations appear. Thus, the tower grows in importance, and due to the fact that through it could be spotted the dupers from a fairly large distance. Thus, the alarm signal was given by the trumpet of the city which, in case of need, alarm through a trumpet on the inhabitants of the city if needed. Also, if he did not take his job seriously, he was severely penalized. In certain situations, the person concerned could be thrown from the tower if and only if the entire city was under threat and would have followed the siege.

An extremely important moment in history is the one where Vlad Ţepes himself was detained in the tower during the year 1476. The reason he found himself at this time in the tower was the order of King Matthias Corvin who, in conflict with Vlad Ţepeş, decided to keep him there for a long time.

Returning to the aspect elements, the totality of the interior walls have mural paintings originating in the 14TH and 15TH centuries. The altar also has three parts, along with the triptichonum that lasts from 1480. Finally, all these visual, historical and traditional elements are only a constituent part of the Holy Margaret Church in Mediaş which, whether you are considering it or not, should add it to your itinerary list as soon as possible for a Real vacation.

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