Hermann Oberth Museum

The year 1994 is known as the turning point for the birth of the Hermann Oberth Museum, one of the most beautiful found in the locality of Mediaş. Moreover, the year was chosen on the basis of a well-established strategy, starting from the celebration of 100 years after the birth of Hermann Oberth, a great scholar in the field of interplanetary flights and the technique applicable to missiles. From an organizational point of view, the museum is erected on three modules that welcome the inventions of Conrad Hbutt (the first inventor of a fuel-driven rocket), Hermann Oberth (the Archicon of the parent of all flights in space) and, not in Last line, Dumitru Dorin Prunariu, currently the first cosmonaut of Origin Romanian.

Of the most visible and important exhibits found in the Hermann Oberth Museum, we recall the training equipment used by Cosmonauti, the spacecraft forms called Buran, the V2 and Saturn V missiles. The museum also Hosts a series of documentary film projections on topics such as the progress of the conquest of cosmic space in stages.

Important to remember are the organizational elements, given that access to the Hermann Oberth Museum is carried out on the basis of a tariff entry ticket. Thus, adults are forced to pay 4 lei, and for pupils, students or pensioners, the fee is only 2 lei. Additionally, each group is provided with a guide in the Romanian language that will help them discover the mystery of the cosmos.

Last but not least, it is very important to mention the timetable, so that any tourist wishing to discover the Hermann Oberth Museum ensures that it is at the right time in that place. Thus, you can visit the museum Monday to Friday between 09 and 17, and Saturday and Sunday between 10 and 12.

In reality, the Hermann Oberth Museum is also known as the Hermann Oberth Memorial House, being raised in a token of appreciation of the contribution it brought towards the mystery of the cosmos. If you are interested in making a quick visit to this point of interest, orient yourself to the road Sibiu No. 15, in the city of Mediaş. Here you will find parts of the German physicist Hermann Oberth, whose Origin Romanian has caused our country to reach far abroad. Born in Sibiu, he spent a great deal of his life in Romania, only then following courses and ending his life on 28 December 1989 in Feucht, 95 years old. Certainly, it was a great class personality for the whole country.

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