Old Town Hall of Mediaş

The city of Mediaş is the host of numerous fortifications of real interest to any tourist or visitor passionate about culture, history and traditions. One of these elements is the very old Town hall, built in the 16TH century. Passing through a series of elements that left their mark on it, the old Town hall was redecorated in the year 1803, based on a specific neoclassical style that can be admired even nowadays. In addition, the covered ladder, also called "The steps of Temniţei", was inserted at that time. In reality, this was the seat of the fortress prison, for quite a long period of time, the name being such a random one.

To be more precise, the old Town hall in Mediaş was first documented in the year 1583, being fortified at the top of a room with a huge vault. In the past, it was at the same level as King Ferdinand I's market.

The interested party on the old Town hall in Mediaş is that 11 years ago, in 2006, the foundations of a large project were aimed at rehabilitation, as far as possible, of the entire fortification. In figures, this rehabilitation reached far more than one million dollars, with expenditures being borne by the municipality and exposed, at the declarative and official level, by the mayor (since then) Daniel Thellmann. In addition, in addition to rehabilitation, the project envisaged the establishment and opening of a municipal library, of real interest to the medians.

In the past, the old Town hall of Mediaş has been the host of many tenants, including organisations, parties and other institutions that have not had foreseen in their curriculum and the process of rehabilitation of the premises in which they carried out their activities for a period Pretty big time. Thus, the amount was totally paid by the city Hall, those who lived there not being held accountable or asked to bring compensation. According to those publicly exposed, it was not only the old town hall that would have benefited from these elements, but also many other organisations that are in close proximity to it. However, the programmes will be implemented at a time, of course in accordance with the amounts that the municipality has.

Thus, nowadays the old Town hall of Mediaş can be visited in an undisturbed regime, as the beauty of the fortification is ravishing and endure by written history but, above all, by the unwritten one that we can hardly recover and disclose.

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