Piarists School

Nationally recognized as the Guggenberger House, the Piarists school is a building erected in the year 1736 using a predominantly Baroque style. After the plan to set up a school of the pianists, in this fortification began to activate a school under the aegis of the Monks ' order, until the end of the year 1790. In addition, followers were recognized as individuals who promoted, as far as possible, secular education with the religious one.

Immediately after the completion of the 44 year of activity, the school was disbanded for objective reasons – the extremely low number of Catholic believers in Mediaş did not have the necessary capacity to halt the high barriers to the emperor's order Joseph II, on religious orders.

Returning to the history of the Piarists school, the fortification was acquired by the Guggenberger, a very successful entrepreneur of those times. As a result of nationalization, the building operated as a commercial unit (i.e. an increased number of units of this kind) on the ground floor, with a number of dwellings on the floor. Today, the Piarists school is a privately-run property in which the Montessori school has been active since 2012. In order to be able to carry out its activities properly inside, the entire building has been restored and well-placed.

As far as the interior of the fortification is concerned, the piano school holds a fabulous delight of Gothic styles with late accents, along with real elements of vaulted cross-shaped Ganges with various penetrates. Through these, the light spreads smoothly and comfortably, giving any visitor a state of inner tranquility that many of us seek but few find.

To bring more details of real interest in the school of Piarists (or the Guggenberger house), we recall that it is located in the square King Ferdinand I No. 13 in Mediaş. Thus, the Edifone manages to endure many centuries after being lifted, through the continued and through continuous restoration processes, either through the municipality or at private property level. In reality, however, the usefulness of the fortification is much more significant and greater than any other building (considered a historical monument) with which it could be, at least at the declarative level, compared. Thus, the school of Piarists manages to convey history further, without losing itself in the waves of time and collapsing from one day to another, without even one person being close to it. Truly, the Guggenberger house is a beauty of great days that you will gladly visit.

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